Corinne M Westphal is a professional writer, editor and blogger, aspiring novelist and social media enthusiast.

She is, and always has been, a writer of many genres. She has written on subjects as complex as the U.S./Japan trade relations, as technical as integrated financial system solutions, as curious as the monster at Lake Champlain, and as practical as applying for residency permits in foreign countries. Some of Corinne’s favorite subjects include: humans and what makes us tick, communication, Impact, and food.

If she’s not writing articles or blogs, or editing articles or book projects, Corinne’s likely translating doctoral dissertations or business documents, working on her own book, or creating and moderating social media outlets for non-profit organizations. She might also be found speaking or leading a workshop on a variety of subjects.

Two book projects she’s quite proud of, for which she was both an editor and writer, were an international cookbook (pdf sample), the proceeds which benefited single mothers of handicapped children, and “Living in Vienna (pdf sample), a three-volume guide to the Austrian capital, which has received accolades as an essential for any newcomer.

Longer Herstory

Corinne holds a place within a limited group of individuals who were actually born in Washington, DC.

In her childhood and teens she dreamed of being an oceanographer, anthropologist, actress, and Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist amongst other things. Discovering that an aptitude in science or an ability to memorize more than a simple nursery rhyme were required, she narrowed her scope. Constant were the praise she received and passion she felt for her writing, so she majored in journalism at Boston University with the intention of saving the world with her words.

Through the years, Corinne’s writing has been published or broadcast by news organizations or print publications including:

  • UPI (United Press International)
  • NHK-Japan Broadcasting Corporation
  • Palm Beach Post
  • Sun-Sentinel
  • Interior Design (print magazine)
  • Architectural Digest
  • Brookline Tab
  • East Boston Community News

Some of her highly-regarded but, in her opinion, least compelling works were for large corporations like:

  • The Washington Design Center
  • D & D Centre of the Palm Beaches
  • Tandem Computers
  • CMG (France and corporate)

where she wrote marketing and public relations collateral and training, procedural or technical documents.

The positions she has held that tend to impress include:

  • news researcher, reporter and reportorial producer,
  • public relations manager and writer,
  • corporate subsidiary launch consultant, and
  • training and development manager and professional coach.

The jobs she likes people to know about are the less glamorous, but no less interesting,

  • keypunch “girl” (yes, a long time ago),
  • fuse factory worker (someone has to put those little metal caps on the ends of the glass cylinders), and
  • teenage hostess at the Family Fish House.

In the U.S., she has lived in Washington, DC (and environs in Rockville and Silver Spring, MD), New York, Boston, and Boca Raton. European residences include Paris, Hamburg, and Vienna. In addition, Corinne has traveled extensively for work or leisure through many areas of the U.S. and Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa.

Other Info

Outside of work, Corinne enjoys reading, traveling or planning travel, anything related to food, having friends to dinner, participating in Toastmasters meetings, contemplating her next techno-gadget acquisition, MMORPGs, watching sci-fi DVDs, scuba diving, and coming up with crazy, new schemes. Several of the aforementioned are done in the company of her husband.

She’s fascinated by human beings and why we do what we do, and feels strongly that everyone can discover and follow their dreams. As a result, she’s been known to instinctively apply her life coaching skills (training and certification through Coach U) in the course of casual conversation. Should you cross paths with her, you’ve been forewarned.

For proprietary reasons, other samples of Corinne’s work must be acquired directly from her. Please feel free to get in contact. References are also available upon request.

For reasons that elude us, Corinne has still not won a Pulitzer Prize.


N.B. She has published under the names Corinne M. Westphal, Corinne Westphal, Coco Westphal, Corinne Furukawa and Corinne Cancellare.